The fourth volume is out

Shortly after Zwei Ansichten, another volume of the Rostock edition was published in December: Johnson's volume of prose Karsch, und andere Prosa contains atmospherically dense stories that enable a re-encounter with already known characters and tie in with the novels in varying ways. Each of the five texts is self-contained, their origin and historical background can be traced in the commentary. The spectrum ranges from Nineveh as the last capital of the Neo-Assyrian empire long before the birth of Christ to reception centers for emigrants who had come to the GDR from the FRG in 1960.

Karsch, und andere Prosa is Volume 4 from the works department of the Rostock edition, which is being prepared in the “Uwe Johnson Works Edition” department of the Berlin-Brandenburg Acadamy of Science at the University of Rostock and is published by Suhrkamp Verlag.

We congratulate!